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Armored Security Guards Services

We at Murti Group offer highly dependable and professionally qualified personal security officers to high value individuals in India.

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Armored Security Guards Services

The times have surely changed, and so has the need for manned security services in India with Armored Guards at high-target spaces.

Murti Group is amongst the most efficient performing, highly security-conscious organization in the silicon city of India. Due to its years of experience in the security industry of India with its management having form roots in serving in the armed forces, we are well-equipped to offer our expertise both routine and specialized security performance. We offer Armored Guard services to high-risk clientele- to secure their facilities, work places, residence and other high-target areas.

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Due to our vast experience in the security industry of India and our management having roots in the armed forces, we pay acute attention in the recruitment and training of these Armored Guards. Murti Group pays acute attention to the training of their specialized Armored Guards. We ensure that there is sufficient time of training is provided to these Armored Guards offered Murti Group. We also ensure that they receive the need certification and licensing from the authorities before embarking on any security projects. Our Armored Guards are prolifically trained and highly professional with all the necessary licenses and technical knowledge to handle any security contingency. We at Murti also ensure that these Armored Guards deployed by Murti Chhaya Action (I) Pvt. Ltd. are frequently supervised by our well-experienced Field Staff and our Operations Manager.

In order to meet all your security needs, Murti Group also provides Armed Security Personnel. Murti’s Armored Guards are courteous, well-trained and highly professional. When Murti Group deploy Armored Guards at your facility, we ensure that these Armored Guards have undergone a stringent training both in handling sophisticated security equipment and also adapting themselves in suit the present-day complex security condition in a growing and fast-paced metropolis.